Dalmatian Islands Environment Foundation October Newsletter

Welcome to the first-ever newsletter from the Dalmatian Islands Environment Foundation (DIEF)! In this debut issue, we’re excited to share our vision, the inspiring grant recipients of our first call for proposals, details about our foundation’s visual identity, updates on our website and social media presence, and insights into our foundation leadership.

Join us on our journey to conserve the natural beauty of the Dalmatian Islands, made possible by your incredible support.

This Newsletter includes:

  • Our Vision: Discover DIEF’s bold vision for the Dalmatian Islands, emphasizing our commitment to preserving biodiversity, ecosystems, and supporting local communities.
  • Grant Recipients: Meet the remarkable organizations we proudly awarded grants to, including initiatives like circular bio waste management for kindergartens, marine litter reduction, and the establishment of a resilient oak forest on Zlarin Island.
  • Visual Identity and Online Presence: Explore our unique visual identity featuring the shearwater bird and an island silhouette, representing our mission to protect these natural treasures. Stay updated with our latest news and initiatives by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and learn about our recently launched website, your gateway to the world of DIEF.
  • Foundation Leadership Update: Explore our team and our commitment to long-term sustainability on Dalmatian islands.


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