Enhancing Sustainable Development and Nature Preservation on the Island of Korcula: Mapping Agri- food Value Chains (Association MIRO)

  • Djelovanje lokalnih politika, javnih institucija i medija na načine koji podržavaju očuvanje prirode

  • Poslovne organizacije sve više usmjeravaju svoje djelovanje prema zaštiti prirode

  • Veće poštovanje ljudi prema prirodi

  • Promjene u javnom ponašanju i svijesti građana koje izravno čuvaju, štite i obnavljaju prirodni svijet

€8.000 awarded

Project duration: 04/2023 – 01/2025 

Status: ON-GOING 


The challenge 

The project addresses the degradation of high nature value (HNV) farmland on Dalmatian islands, particularly on Korčula, Croatia. Historically, these islands maintained diverse landscapes and HNV farming through low-intensity farming and semi-natural vegetation cover. However, current trends such as land encroachment and reforestation are reducing the HNV farmland, exacerbated by the prioritization of tourism over farming.

The solution

The project aims to address the challenge of balancing socio-economic development with nature preservation on the island of Korčula. With tourism and construction industries emphasizing condominiums over diverse economic growth, the project proposes creating year-round crop maps in collaboration with local islanders. These maps will be publicly accessible on the project’s website, initiating discussions with stakeholders to devise strategies for sustainable development while conserving the island’s natural habitats. The goal is to harmonize the benefits of tourism with the preservation of Korčula’s unique natural environment, which makes it a desirable tourist destination.

Project’s deliverables

  • Cropland maps: High-resolution maps showcasing the distribution and types of crops on Korcula island
  • Website: Publishing the website with the database, the maps and the technical report
  • Cropland database: A robust and exhaustive database containing the analytical breakdown of the crop details gathered from the project. It will provide stakeholders with insights regarding cropped coverage, crop period prevalence, seasonal crop patterns, and area-specific reports of farming practice.
  • Peer-reviewed technical report: A technical report that will summarize the key findings of the maps and propose a list of recommendations per stakeholder category


Project updates


Insight into the organizations

The MIRO Institute, a French-Croatian organization established in January 2018, focuses on promoting sustainable development on islands. Their primary objective is to utilize the expertise and knowledge of European and international partners to address local environmental challenges in collaboration with island institutions and organizations.In partnership with LAG5 and Mljet National Park, MIRO aims to establish an agro-environmental baseline for Mljet, Korčula, and the Pelješac peninsula. This initiative is aligned with the “High Nature Value (HNV) vision for the Dalmatian Islands”, developed during the HNV-link project (H2020 project 2016-2019). By defining this baseline, MIRO seeks to support sustainable development and nature preservation in these regions.

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