May 2024 Newsletter

As spring blossoms across the Dalmatian Islands, we are excited to share with you the latest news and updates from the Dalmatian Islands Environment Foundation (DIEF). In this edition, we have some exciting announcements, including our official registration in Croatia, new grants we have funded, and a major initiative aimed at reducing plastic pollution in the Adriatic. We invite you to dive into the stories of our projects and discover the meaningful work being done to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the Dalmatian Islands.

New Beginnings: Official Registration in Croatia

Since January 2024, we are proud to announce that we are registered as a legal entity in Croatia, specifically in Zadar – Zaklada za okoliš dalmatinskih otoka.

New Grants Approved and Funded

We are committed to supporting initiatives that promote environmental conservation and sustainability in the Dalmatian Islands. Here are three new projects we have recently approved and funded:

  • Plastic-Free Croatian Island (Association Sunce)

We are proud to support the Plastic-Free Croatian Island project (Association Sunce), centred on Dugi Otok Island. This initiative addresses the pressing issue of plastic pollution in the Adriatic, where there is more floating litter than in the rest of the Mediterranean. Thanks to funding received from Conservation Collective through their Depeche Mode & Hublot partnership during the Memento Mori world tour, we are making strides in reducing single-use plastics and promoting sustainable waste management practices. More info

  • ReefQuest: Cladocora Caespitosa Exploration (Association KPA Zadar)

The project aims to establish a foundational database for monitoring and documenting the status of Cladocora Caespitosa at 20 locations on the island of Iž. This species is particularly sensitive to climate changes and is the only coral species in the Adriatic that forms colonies.
Implementing the project will yield key information on the distribution, density, and size of these corals, facilitating future comparisons and identification of potential changes. Currently, there is no documentation of this species in the Zadar archipelago, making this project the first systematic data collection effort for Cladocora Caespitosa in the region. More info

  • Enhancing Sustainable Development and Nature Preservation on the Island of Korčula: Mapping Agri-Food Value Chains (Association MIRO)

The project aims to address the challenge of balancing socio-economic development with nature preservation on the island of Korčula. With tourism and construction industries emphasizing condominiums over diverse economic growth, the project proposes creating year-round crop maps in collaboration with local islanders. These maps will be publicly accessible on the project’s website, initiating discussions with stakeholders to devise strategies for sustainable development while conserving the island’s natural habitats. The goal is to harmonize the benefits of tourism with the preservation of Korčula’s unique natural environment, which makes it a desirable tourist destination. More info

  • Puzzle of Sustainability (Association EKO Zadar)

This project endeavours to raise awareness within Dugi otok’s community regarding the importance of marine conservation, with a specific focus on waste reduction, particularly plastic usage and pollution. Through targeted efforts aimed at elementary school children, the initiative aims to instigate a shift in everyday behaviours to foster nature preservation and environmental consciousness. Recognizing the tourism-driven economy of the island, the project also seeks to educate the younger generation about the susceptibility of the sea to pollution. Furthermore, to facilitate a profound cognitive link between the global and local environmental context, puzzles depicting Dugi otok’s protected areas and the associated threats will be distributed to schools for ongoing educational purposes. More info

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