Circular bio waste management for kindergartens (Association Moj Škoj)

  • People having a greater appreciation of the natural world

  • Government, public institutions, and the media acting in ways that support the natural world

  • Changes in public behaviour to better preserve, protect and regenerate the natural world

  • Reduced waste and improved waste management

5.775 Eur awarded

Project aims to contribute a solution for bio waste produced in three kindergartens on island Hvar. Four kindergartens in the project area will be equipped with electric composters that produce compost within 24 h. Kindergartens have their own garden in which we’re planning to plant local Mediterranean plants and use produced compost to improve soil fertility all year long. Kindergarten attendees and employees will be educated on benefits of planting local plants and effect of the chosen plants on water usage. They will also be educated on the topic of bio waste management and will be participating in planting and compost using.