Why the Dalmatian Islands Environment Foundation?

The Dalmatian archipelago consists of 40 islands that have been inhabited for millenia. A variety of land uses coexist in a small area, and it is very difficult to separate nature from culture. Natural ecosystems with varying degrees of “naturalness” – forests, shrublands, mountains, freshwater and coastal habitats are found in adjacent to pastures and open landscapes, wetlands, agriculture land and urbanised areas. All these patches are tied together to form complex fabric where the health and viability of each patch is closely related to the evolution and state of the others.

However, many of its natural wonders are now threatened by a changing climate, coupled with the local pressures of increased tourism, coastal development, ineffective waste management, and over-exploitation of resources.

Following our Theory of Change,  everything we do is with the following environmental impacts in mind:

  • Preserving, protecting, and regenerating natural habitats
  • Helping native species to thrive
  • Reducing pollution
  • Slowing down and adapting to climate change

The projects we support and fund will need to demonstrate that they fall within at least one of our three priority areas of work: