Habitat and Biodiversity Conservation

This area of focus includes conservation of marine, terrestrial, and freshwater habitats and associated species. There is an overall need to collect information on the natural values (species and habitats) and ecosystem services, as a first step towards understanding and improving their conservation status. It is also important to monitor and note any relevant threats to the natural values of the islands.

Freshwater habitats (wetlands, watering holes) on the Dalmatian islands are especially important as they are largely neglected and overgrown. It is important to map, assess, and revitalize these areas, as they are truly the jewels of island biodiversity. At the same time there is a need to raise awareness and educate people about the role of biodiversity, as well as about the threats and how to reduce them. Finally, concrete actions can be supported that will improve the state of biodiversity on the islands.

Habitat and Biodiversity Conservation Grants

  • ReefQuest: Cladocora Caespitosa Exploration (Association KPA Zadar)

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  • Zlarin Island Leaf Expansion (ILEX) (Association Tatavaka)

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